Read About School Logo in Depth

Our logo the Lotus Flower with petals reflects noble and higher aims of the institution.

The round dot under the petals is a symbol of a child in the mother’s womb being nurtured with love & care, so shall he/she be nourished in our   institution.

The round curve around the dot emphasizes the all round development physical, mental, social, moral and aesthetical of every bud we have.

Every child is bestowed with lot of potentials & talents. The petals of the lotus denotes the drawing out of those innate potentials.

 Lotus is also a sacred flower used for Saraswati Pooja. Maa Sharda is the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom.

The lotus, our national flower, is a symbol of national integration. Our Indian culture is like a full bloomed lotus    whose every petal or state reflects the diverse culture of different type and odours.