Mrs. Varsha Singhania is a dynamic individual with a diverse range of accomplishments and a true passion for various fields. She began her educational journey at Modern School, Barakhamba Road, and went on to earn a Commerce Degree from Delhi University. With a strong foundation in education, she currently holds the esteemed position of Vice Chairperson at Sir Padampat Singhania School in Kota, Rajasthan, and Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

In addition to her contributions in the field of education, Varsha Singhania serves as a Director at Indian Air Gases Pvt Ltd in Mughalsarai, showcasing her keen business acumen. Furthermore, her creative spirit led her to complete a program in interior decoration from South Delhi Polytechnic, enabling her to actively participate in various projects within the JK Group, spanning cities like Jaipur, Kanpur, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore & Hyderabad.

Notably, Varsha Ma’am is not only a professional with a multifaceted background but also an advocate for holistic healing. She holds certifications as a teacher of Reiki from the Jikiden Institute in Japan, a void healer, EDM & regression therapist. These certifications underscore her commitment to promoting well-being and exploring alternative healing methodologies.

In addition to her professional and healing pursuits, Ma’am Varsha finds great joy in the arts. Her passion for artistic expression led her to curate an art show for Round Table India named “Shiksha 2006.” This event became the highest fundraiser in India at the time, demonstrating her ability to merge her artistic interests with her philanthropic endeavors. As a devoted patron of the arts, she actively promotes artists and artisans, organizing Art Camps for schools and providing platforms for emerging talent to shine.

Beyond her diverse professional and artistic engagements, Ma’am Varsha is also deeply involved in the Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Kanpur, where she serves as a trustee. Her commitment to spirituality and community is reflected in her diligent oversight of the temple’s day-to-day affairs, fostering a serene and enriching environment for devotees.

Mrs. Varsha Singhania’s bio encapsulates her remarkable journey, spanning Education, Business, Interior Decoration, Holistic Healing, Art Curation, and Philanthropy. Her wide-ranging interests and endeavors reflect her versatility, drive, and dedication to making a positive impact in various spheres of life.

Mrs. Singhania also serves as An Advisor in the Women Entrepreneur Committee of the Merchant Chamber of Uttar Pradesh which highlights her commitment to supporting and empowering women in business.

She is an active member of FICCI Ladies Organisation Kanpur & New Delhi, Entrepreneur’s Organisation Uttar Pradesh & New Delhi & Young Presidents Organization, New Delhi.

Mrs. Varsha Singhania


“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action”

-Herbert Spencer

A School is a building surrounded by four walls with future inside. It is a place where children are encouraged to say, “I see it, I get it. I can do it.”

Our children represent our hopes and dreams. We try to create an atmosphere of reverence for education and a healthy environment where academics, sports and co-curricular activities mould our students and motivate them to be the brightest and the best.

The school envisages & projects the success and achievements of our pursuits through endeavours of our students in varied expression of their ideas and creativity. If innovation and novel ideas are a key to a bright future, then we can be reassured of our place under the pedagogic sun.

Our overarching goal has been to make SPSS a happy school, where teaching is a pleasure and learning a joy; where learning and excelling is a passion.

Education is not only a process of giving knowledge for a high profile job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide and make our students morally upright citizens of the country.

I wish the children a very rewarding experience at SPSS, Kota.

Mr. Abshihek Singhania

Vice- Chairperson