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Sh Partho Kar

Great ideas begin with a commitment to the excellence.

I especially feel elated to remark that SPSS is making a name for itself as a premier institute in Kota for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the twin hallmarks of its philosophy. Educational leadership and scholarly achievement are its mission.

Knowledge if not passed along would die, likewise, values and virtues, if not practiced result in disintegration of societies and destroy nations. Our greatest responsibility, thus, is to pass on a legacy to the future generations that they can be proud of.

This institution was set up with a mission to create responsible youth ready to face the challenges of society and the nation with iron will and strong hands.

The clock ticked by and the school which was a tender bud in the year 1996, the year of its foundation, has now become a  fragrant flower. Today it is one of the leading institutions of Kota city and the progress it has made through the years, has enabled us to hold our heads high with pride and enjoy the glory of its success and excellence not only in the field of academics but for all round development of the children.

Our mission is to train the minds, groom the personalities and sharpen the vibrant spirit of young scholars. The task of preparing them for life is no doubt arduous but so challenging that its fruitful consequences make it worth while.

We at SPSS have set ourselves the goal of teaching our students virtues and values that will enrich their lives and help them bring glory to themselves and to all humankind. We help our students to unleash the very best in them.