Our Ethos for Co-Curricular

The ethos and spirit of SPSS education is a complete, well-rounded education. At SPSS sports and curricular activities are as important a part of our curriculum as academics.  It helps to develop self-confidence and self-esteem of the students.

SPSS considers not only the cognitive development of students but also the other aspects of their personality as equally significant to be developed and nurtured.

To enhance the students’ all round development and to cultivate their varied interest a strong academic foundation is complemented with the rich selection of co-curricular activities. These activities form a regular part of the school curriculum and a spirit of healthy competition is generated through inter house and inter class competitions, public speaking, drama; music, dance, fine art activities at various levels.

Training and exposing young Minds through media like camps, Tours workshops etc.

The School has many laurels to its credit at National and international platforms in sports and curricular activities.