SPSS Online Virtual Classroom


We fell asleep in one world, and woke up in another.

A Quarantined World…with no new books…no classrooms and no school….standing on a threshold when the session had just ended and the new session seemed to be a distant dream.
The SPSS Faculty being the pioneers of dynamism turned a new leaf in the teaching learning methodology and designed various user friendly online education systems like Virtual Classrooms, Online Assignments and Quizzes and Online Real-Time Learning Modules.

From 1st April,2020 SPSS has started online classroom sessions to utilize the contemporary teaching trends blending technology and traditional pedagogy to perfection incorporating a gamut of tools like Video Lectures,
Worksheets, Modules,Live Teaching Sessions,Doubt Counters.


Time table for Class I : Click Here

Time table for Class II : Click Here

Time table for Class III to XII : Click Here