My school whispers in my ears…….

Come to my garden, walk my darling buds

Pass by the Flowers, absorbs every bit

Spread a shiver of Joy along the path

Light a lamp of knowledge that will ever last.

Proudly step into my orchard, jostle each other

Echo my body with your usual shouts and cheer

Sit here in the shade, pluck the ripe fruits

Let their burden of sweetness hang at your lips.

In my orchard, the butterflies shake their wings,

The leaves become greener,

the fruits clam our to come to completion.

And at the end, when you are meticulously carved

I shall pluck a Lilly to put in your hair and Take my leaves….

But remember darlings

You will always be near to my hearts –

As the meadow  – flower to the earth,

As sleep to tired limbs,

As a river flowing in its fullness with serenity…………..